Pintxo de Tortilla

Preparing a good tortilla is rarely a matter of dutifully following the letter of the law in a recipe. There are too many intrinsically human actions and details that imbue each tortilla with character. 

The combination and treatment of eggs, potatoes, and, depending where you go, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, cheese, and more, is alchemy — a transmutation of matter into a delicious, life-affirming substance.

More than a simple omelette but less fussy than quiche, it is a soul-warming, smile-inducing dish that is enjoyed at any time during the day. Pair it with a strong cortado or café con leche, and you have a beguiling contrast between gooey comfort and dark earthy flavor.

And, to make matters even more exciting, one could spend days discovering all their different personalities depending on their ingredients and the methods of their creators. You will identify the secret society of these alchemists by the ocasional burn mark on their wrist from flipping thousands of pans.

Do you prefer the classic tortilla de patata without onions? Or would you like some onions spiked in there to provide that extra burst of caramelized goodness? Would you like a tortilla with a soft interior — where glistening potatoes and peppers ooze unto your plate? Or do you prefer a tortilla that holds its ground — with a slight snap to your every bite?

With some of the best artisans in Spain, Donostia-San Sebastián will more than reward diligent tortilla prospectors. 

Our Tours

A triad of tours offering you the choice of a pure pintxo crawl, some city exploration mixed in, or a traditional Basque rustic experience. All tours are limited to a maximum of 6 people.

€ 149

Pintxo de Yema con Hongos

Pintxos Tour

Wind your way through the charming narrow streets of Parte Vieja savoring the culinary classics and lesser-known dishes of this gastronomic haven.

€ 149

Bar Arrate

City Walk + Pintxos Tour

A personalized stroll through the gorgeous city of Donostia-San Sebastián – peppered by visits to some hidden gems and neighborhood joints.

€ 180

Pouring cider from a barrel into a glass

Cider House Tour

Experience one of the oldest and most traditional Basque meals along with unlimited apple cider served in a rustic, farmhouse setting.
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